Kitchen Rumors

The Xanadu living caverns have had quite a bit of booze-induced excitement lately. And, just a day after becoming Weyrsecond, bronzerider X'hil was seen fleeing the kitchens, looking as if he'd seen a ghost. Further commotion was caused by the discovery of a large mess near the pantry, that might perhaps have been the beginnings of a cake. And what does all this have to do with the girl who was later noted leaving the kitchen, half-covered in flour? Or the nearly-empty bottle of tuber ale that spent most of the day on a table being guarded by a midnight-hued firelizard hatchling before eventually finding its way into the store room with a label saying 'For X'hil'? Who knows, but the smell of baking sweetrolls later that day was certainly pleasant for those who got to enjoy the treats.

See the log.

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