Drunken Decisions

Anyone who knows Niva at all could have expected that the Weyrwoman would not react positively to the desertion of Ysa and R'miel - however temporary it may be. And, as it may be proven, her reaction was anything but thrilled, as Hisolda was on the receiving end of a rather long, drawn out tirade about the lacking qualities of the vacationing pair. Combine this with the consumption of some wine, and all bets were effectively off.

Even more unfortunately, the Weyrwoman encountered Cenlia and X'hil in the caverns, complete with their stolen stash of liquor - liquor which the Weyrwoman freely imbibed in. After some more lamenting, and a very loud conversation, Niva decided that X'hil would be the new Weyrsecond. The headwoman Hisolda indulged her, as per usual, and now the Ierne rider is wearing a Xanadu Weyrsecond knot.

The question is, who's going to regret it the most, come morning? And this, children, is why alcohol should be in moderation.

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