A Grim Discovery

It all began with a hurried, but discrete, message to the Xanadu Weyrwoman - please attend Rubicon River Hold immediately - it wasn't long after her arrival there, however, that the woman discovered the need for discretion. A worried Ryeira explained that the Hold's flagship, bearing none other than the Lord Holder Leonidas, was overdue from their latest fishing trip by over a sevenday. Making matters worse, none of those firelizards accompanying the crew had brought a note or message, as for a cause for their delay. It was agreed quickly that Xanadu would offer a half wing to search for the missing ship and her crew, as well as a half wing to provide policing around the Hold, lest news get out that the Lord Holder was missing - and likely dead.

For the last sevenday and a half, Xanadu's search teams have been scouring a large portion of the coastline, attempting desperately to find some sign of the missing ship from Rubicon River. Even as there was no sign of them - they weren't taking shelter in any of the known safe coves, nor run aground in shallow water - still the search times went out, every day, all day. After a particularly bad storm at sea, the search teams began looking anew, and unfortunately for them, it was a rather grisly, and depressing thing that they did find.

In a cove perhaps a day and a half's journey from Rubicon River's safe harbor, search riders discovered a few large sections of ship's hull, a portion of a mast, and a sail wrapped around it, the colors leaving no doubt as to its origin. A single body was found, pushed ashore by the rough waves the day before, and while he showed no signs of having been involved in an attack, dead men tell no tales, and it seems that the fate of the ship will be a secret always kept by the oceans.

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