The Weyrlings Graduate

While it was turn and a half of hard work, but good times, the end of Weyrlinghood finally came and went for those ten weyrlings of Ellamariseth and Arinith's clutch. A party on the beach that saw the Weyrsecond dunk'd by the newest Junior weyrwoman, the Weyrleader nervously talking to Ysa, and ended up with one of the young Weyrling's green's rising suddenly, making it a very interesting party indeed for one of her blue clutchmates seemeed to go quite well, and in the end, everyone received their appropriate knot.

The wing breakdown turned out to be:

- Thea and gold Seryth joined the Nova wing,
- J'len and bronze Laseoth joined Quasar
- I'ke and brown Ciebaith, as well as L'nus and green Evelyth joined Galaxy
- E'gan of blue Mazunth and Joy with green Sirenath joined the ranks of Comet
- Saige and green Ulaekimajith and Caryn and blue Tiurneth joined Nebula, and
- A'dar of blue Zeituth, and Or'len of green Mhairiath joined the Asteroid Wing.

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