The Xanadu Newes - Edition Four

Newsletters have been being posted regularly around the weyr, to the annoyance of some, but always within a set schedule. The month when one didn't appear caused some speculation in itself. Some claimed to have seen it, others that there had been nothing at all, it even led to some guesses as to who was responsible - most assuming someone who had subsequently left the weyr. When the latest issue was found it was obvious what had happened to it. The Newes was found in a patch of mud near the tavern, at the top were two torn pinholes from where it had been posted, and a whole section had been torn from the bottom. Did someone read something they didn't like?

OOC: One, none, or all of today's gossip may be fictional in some part. Gossip is fun that way.

The Xanadu Newes


  • Now that the eggs are hard enough to touch the candidates have been seen more and more in the galleries and on the sands. It was perhaps only a matter of time before there were squabbles over favourite eggs, though none would have guessed it was two of the girls that got into a fistfight in the barracks over who was going to touch their favourite egg first.
  • Is Damietta's time as a candidate over? She was called into the Weyrwoman's office one morning and was spotted later that day in the tavern on the lap of a bluerider from Western. Her white knot was gone, but she was wearing a leaf shaped silver brooch instead.
  • Kaysan managed to land himself in trouble when he was heard slandering the Nabolese Lord Holder. It's not entirely certain what he said, though many would like to know, but Lord Nabol was said to be "spitting fire" so it must have been something good, or possibly true.
  • An unconfirmed rumour has been circulating that a visiting rider from High Reaches got so drunk in the tavern that she streaked through the commons. It seems naked is the new black this turn.
  • It was no secret that the weyrwoman's daughter Impressing green was a disappointment to her, but Vivian was never one to make the worst of a situation and it was no surprise when she was seen <The rest of the newsletter is missing>
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