Another Desperate Search

With Kate and her young gold still missing, not a word being heard from them, nor any sign of them, the wings have already been working overtime, scouring the area, attempting to find something to indicate where or why she left in such a hurry. Amidst all of this, a brief message arrived from Lady Ryeira of Rubicon River Hold, and it was midday when Weyrwoman Niva took off to meet with her.

Even before the Weyrwoman returned, half a wing was being mustered with directions to provide protection for Rubicon River Hold and her outlying areas, while another half wing was assigned to begin an extensive sweep pattern of the coastline to the east. Their goal? To find Rubicon River's flagship, and her crew, over a sevenday overdue from their fishing trip - a sevenday that has brought no messages despite a number of firelizards accompanying those on board.

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