Kilaueth's Weyrlings Graduate

After the delays the plagued Kilaueth's clutch, the elder group has finally graduated albeit one weyrling short of what they started with. It was a rather subdued affair, all said and done, and while there was a certain degree of celebration, it was limited with the knowledge that their unofficial leader Kate was missing. However, there are 7 new full riders who have joined the ranks of the wings. Erani of brown Todraith has joined her sister Senkyou's wing - Comet, while A'en and bronze Viskith and J'ril with bronze Destroth have joined the ranks of the Quasar wing - hopefully both will keep their vices in check in the many diplomatic situations they will face. N'tor and his blue Kadaisith, unsurprisingly, joined Galaxy, the Search and Rescue wing. Surprisingly, Faila and her blue Tuyeth joined him there. The former Techcrafter Noel and her green Jouluth joined M'iri's wing, Nebula, to put her talents to use, while the glasscrafter Rya has chosen to pursue her craft further, a member of the Asteroid wing with her green Ilexanth.

Despite the number of people who hoped Kate would appear for the occasion, there has still been no word from the young woman, and no sign of her or her young charges.

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