Date: January 24, 2012
Posted: Thea

Xanadu Weyr will celebrate the beginning of 2692 all day. For most of the Weyr, it will be a day off starting with a fancier than usual breakfast, a cookout on the beach with dunking booth, games, crafters booths, and harpers providing music. The festivities will culminate in the Meadow with a masquerade dinner/dance in the evening and a glowlantern display out over the lake at midnight. Visitors are welcome and Xanadu-folks are encouraged to visit other Weyrs to celebrate.

While technically Tuesday Jan 23rd would be turnover, Wednesday the 24th will give us a little more time to get this Event thrown together. The idea is to keep it simple and just have fun RPing, although if some of you would like to write emits for the glowlantern display, or come up with a menu for the food that could be thrown in a set, that would be great.

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