Wandering Wherry Grand Re-Opening

Date: January 24, 2012
Posted: Matrin

A few days short of turnover, just in time for the festivities that always accompany the holiday, a painted banner was tacked up over the Wandering Wherry's door. It read "Grand Re-Opening" though there wasn't really anything particularly grand about it. Just the familiar rustic decor restored to its usual luster, including several newly crafted chairs and a shiny layer of varnish over buffed-out scrapes and scratches. The glassware was never exactly a matched set, but now there is even more variety with the addition of a few more sturdy, heavier squat glasses in hopes they might not break as easily.

Knowing that he took marks from every person present that night (including quite a few people with fancy knots and the Weyrwoman herself), Beldar is encouraging his clientele to celebrate the event by offering drink specials in the early evening hours and food specials later on for the next few weeks. The one exception is directly following flights, when the prices might be seen to spike until he gets over the recent chaos. Outside of that, he'll be watching every patron with an eagle eye, and if anyone starts to seem like they might be trouble, the recent addition of burly bouncers - two on duty at all times - will be put to use.

So enjoy a deal on drinks at the newly re-opened establishment, but no carousing or you'll be out on your (r)ear!

OOC: Feel free to RP around this as you like, or bemoan your lack of marks if you were made to pitch in. And BTW, if you were there? You pitched in!

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