The Truth Is Out

Its been just over a sevenday since the senior weyrling class had their classes abruptly halted, and it seems that while a variety of rumors have been circling the Weyr, at least one has finally been confirmed. Classes have also resumed for the elder batch of weyrlings, and while they are making up lost ground, they are expected to graduate within the next two sevendays, while Ellamariseth's weyrlings have approximately twice that.

However, despite lessons resuming, its quite evident that they are down one - Kate and her gold Lusiath are distinctly absent. It seems that at some point while the Weyr was covered with fog, the gold weyrling slipped away, packing her weyr up, along with her two younger half siblings, and has since seemingly disappeared into thin air. The cave and cove have been searched, yielding nothing other than a campfire - the recent rain making it impossible to know how old it may be. Discrete messages have gone to holds and halls, and various groups have been employed in the search, though there are still no leads on what caused her to suddenly flee.

The weyrling pair, however, is not the only thing missing, as it seems before she left, she had borrowed a large quantity of marks from various members of the Weyr, claiming that she needed to get a nice turnday present. Unfortunately, they seem to have gone with her, leaving a number of people considerably poorer.

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