The Xanadu Newes - Edition Three

Another late night posting has occurred of the 'newes', once again pinned to the tavern door. The writing is a little shakier this time, as if hurried, but still disguised.

OOC: One, none, or all of today's gossip may be fictional in some part. Gossip is fun that way.

The Xanadu Newes


  • Seryth's clutch has arrived, with relatively few problems in spite of sharing the sands with the hatching eggs from Kilaueth's latest clutch. With a group of 13 now in the weyrling barracks, attention now turns to the candidates and eggs that remain. Current betting does not appear to be speculating on there being a gold egg in the group, perhaps due to the slightly male weighted group of candidates that currently inhabit the barracks.
  • Shortly before the renegade confrontation at Fort, Zaqalekhth and M'gaal were spotted departing Xanadu. Word has it that the pair were previously obligated to bring reinforcements to the conflict and were merely fulfilling that task. However, both of them stayed throughout the incident rather than departing as might have been expected, with the bronze taking a particularly protective role over the Fortian Weyrwoman's son when he was in danger and his rider interceding to prevent her from rushing headlong into the chaos. Both were seen sharing words afterward and speculation is rife over just how much of an obligation M'gaal has to Fort and its Senior to drag the otherwise sands-bound bronze so far from his eggs.
  • Spotted out of the barracks late at night on several occasions Damietta has been heard to claim she's simply been unable to sleep, but sources confirm that her reason for not sleeping goes beyond simple insomnia.
  • Rumour has it that a stablehand called one of the craftriders out in a fistfight, right in front of the Headwoman. They went at it for a bit until Rilver yielded, with a badly broken arm, leaving Jev'n the victor. Rilver has been heard muttering bitterly about how Jev'n is 'a lousy cheat', but both have earned themselves punishment duty for the rest of the month.
  • The residents of the weyrling barracks faced a rude awakening this morning when one of the young greens woke in a fit, projecting a variety of images to the other weyrlings - and the Weyr at large - images that were certainly something that should have been kept private. When the Weyrlingmaster arrived on the scene, it was discovered that the young greenrider was no where to be found - though rumour has it she showed up quickly enough in the weyrlingmaster's office wearing little else but a flight jacket, which is rumoured to belong to J'ril.
  • One candidate has been receiving a variety of presents and surprises from a secret admirer. Please stop.
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