How Do You Spell Relief?

Well, the Weyrsecond might spell it m-o-t-h-e-r i-n l-a-w, which is the equivalent to what his weyrmate's mother is to him. Thea's mother, Cold Stone Hold's Lady Rensea has arrived in Xanadu nearly two sevendays after Seryth's clutch was laid to help care for the now 4 month-old twins during the nights when the nannies discharge them from their care.

Thea has been staying with Seryth 'round the clock, making quick trips to visit and feed her children, but poor D'had has been the one to deal with them at night for the most part. To put it mildly, he's found this a challenge. Now that Lady Rensea is here, perhaps the Weyrsecond will appear less harassed and grouchy? Well, at least less harassed, anyway. Thea's still sleeping in the Observation Level, after all. ~.o

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