Kilaueth and Nyunath's Eggs

As eggs do, Kilaueth and Nyunath's eggs upon the sands hardened, and as a hum began to reverberate through the Weyr one warm summer evening, the candidates were gathered, and ushered out onto the Sands. Under the watchful eyes of the Weyleader and Senior pair, the thirteen eggs hatched successfully into 2 bronzes, 2 browns, 4 blues, and 5 greens, and thirteen new pairs left the sands for the barracks. There are many whispers about the success of the flight, and the clutch, and it seems that some worries about the young weyrleader pair have been set aside, at least for now.

Unfortunately, while 6 boys and 7 girls settled into their new home mostly unharmed, one girl has been pulled from the candidacy group indefinitely after one of the unstable green hatchlings toppled her over, scratching her badly enough as she struggled to get away that the girl required stitches and is on bed rest. However, she -is- expected to make a full recovery and only have some interesting scars to show for it.

With Kilaueth's clutch hatched, the hatching sands are far less crowded now, as is the betting board being maintained for a bit of entertainment. Twelve eggs remain on the list, as do the remaining candidates - with new ones being added as they are brought in.

OOC: This was an NPC, off-camera clutch.

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