Rumours Abound

As the fog lifted, the various weyrling classes returned to their lessons, and with Kilaueth's class close to graduation, all that they faced was *betweening*. It was a pretty morning that the weyrlings were gathered up, however, the lesson was almost as quickly dismissed, and the Weyrlingmasters could be seen scattering to the furthest reaches of the Weyr, as if searching for something. Lorena was amongst them, and there were whispered tales of her running to the Weyrleaders office, before she was taken to R'sul's very door - the situation must be serious indeed!

Despite the best attempts to contain the rumors, it has been let out that N'tor was questioned by the Weyrharper, and that afterwards, his blue Kadaisith was quite worked up. What has happened to turn suspicion on N'tor? What were the Weyrlingmasters looking for? Will Kilaueth's weyrlings begin their lessons again, or will they have to wait for this mystery to be solved?

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