Weyrlings and Restrictions

With the fog lingering over Xanadu Weyr, activity has ground to a halt. With Ellamariseth's clutch now approaching the milestone manned flights, their training has returned to the ground until such time that the fog has lifted. For the time being, the younger group of weyrlings have been left doing extensive ground exercises, formation training, and personal exercises as well, to ensure that they remain in shape for the trial that is flying together. The Weyrlingmasters hope, however, that there will be no major delays their training schedule, despite the weather.

Kilaueth's clutch of weyrlings, meanwhile are approaching their own graduation. They too, however, have been grounded, as the fog impedes betweening almost as much as it impedes initial attempts at manned flight. With the elder batch of weyrlings all moved into their Weyrs, however, there isn't too much crowding in the barracks, and they are busy with their own duties and experiences, as with their lessons cancelled, they have no pressing commitments. In fact, many have been taking advantage of their lifted restrictions, as the greens are beginning to rise, despite the fog, some of them not emerging from their weyrs for a day or two at a time.

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