Bovine Complex Construction

With rumors flying that the Weyrleader dislikes the Weyrwoman, nono he dislikes the JOB, but is madly in love with the Weyrwoman (but he's in denial), no no no - his Ierne business is SUFFERING with him bound to Xanadu and he's chafing to get back to it, many are aware there is some sort of subtle tension between the two but can't quite put a finger on just what it is. While A'dmar has made it quite clear that he had nothing to do with the appointment of Journeyman Techcrafter Jethaniel to Steward, people are left scratching their heads whether the pair are agreeing about anything.

So it's perhaps with some surprise that the joint announcement came from the Weyrleader's office that construction is to begin on a bovine complex out beyond the feeding grounds to house a bovine healery, dairy barn and breeding pens with nursery and paddocks. All are aware of Xanadu's failed breeding program and the resultant increased rising to mate of certain golds who unwittingly fed upon hormone-induced cattle, so folks are perplexed that Xanadu would attempt another one. The plague that hit the runners a few turns ago took many of the bovines too, leaving the Weyr to hunt for wild-roaming beef rather than raise it. And while clearing the site for construction has begun, what gossips are wondering is if A'dmar wanted the complex built, why is it only Jethaniel's pre-approval and Thea's final approval the only signatures that appear on the order?

-Posted by Thea on January 16, 2013

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