In Again, Out Again... or Not?

After Seryth's clutching, it seemed that Avani was going to be leaving the Weyr again already. She had slipped into the Caverns and not only tracked down the clothing, knot and message pouch she had left behind when she'd left suddenly the last time, but also changed into them. So much for going back with her father to Sea Foam Hold, right?

While trying to make her escape, Avani realized that her father had convinced the Istan brownrider who was to give them a ride back home to wait just outside the entrance. Her second-eldest sister, Chin, was sent to retrieve her and convinced the young woman to remember her Duty, change back into her dress clothing and return with her to their father.

And so came Lerta, rider of green Adanaith, to the rescue! Lerta, who had been talking with Rished about firelizard manners, offered to 'escort' Avani and her sister at least out to the waiting brown. There, she made the request, backed by her very insistent green, that the Lady-turned-Runner Stand for the clutches on Xanadu's sands.

At first Avani would have none of it, even when Chin supported the greenrider's request by citing Duty. But finally Avani managed to ignore most of her father's displeasure and accepted the offer graciously, though she has sworn to return to her father's Hold should she fail to Impress.

OOC: Please welcome Avani as the first candidate for Seryth's clutch!

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