The Xanadu Newes - Edition Two

Another sheet of paper was found, this one posted in the living caverns. Once more attempts had been made at disguising the writing.

OOC: One, none, or all of today's gossip may be fictional in some part. Gossip is fun that way.

The Xanadu Newes


  • Housekeepers freshening the guest weyr the morning after Seryth's flight were perplexed to find breakfast apparently prepared and abandoned on the small kitchenette table - among other things, cubed cheese, attractively arranged on a platter, fruit diced, sliced and skewered in a fancy manner to resemble flowers; all left uneaten with klah-filled mugs poured, but obviously undrunk and left to grow cold. All signs point to a hasty departure by both riders, but why after all the time spent on a carefully prepared repast would they not eat it?
  • With turnover approaching parties are springing up all over the area, though none with a further reaching effect than the gathering in the tavern that ended in a brawl. The weyrwoman was later overheard placing a one drink limit on tavern patrons, a different headache for some.
  • A recent beach party saw a certain bronzeriding wingleader passing out during a game of 'truth or dare' before being abandoned by his two female companions. It seems to have not harmed his reputation too much as he was later seen accompanying a rather underdressed Aludra back to the residents hall. Hopefully she had his shirt laundered before returning it.
  • A very large, very red-faced man in fine clothing was seen in the early hours being forcefully removed from the offices, put on dragonback back and carried off. While it seems that his reason for being in the weyr was purely innocent many are left speculating over his enforced departure.
  • A runner that has been spending some time at the weyr also made a hasty departure, leaving some speculation as to the motives of the man that hurried her away. It would appear that the man had more claim to Avani than some were aware of, as she was later seen being introduced to eligible bachelors at a wedding.
  • A group of children have been seen selling garlands of flowers around the weyr. The idea and design supposedly came from Natishen as a way to get a gift to his current crush.
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