Spaghetti Western

Date: January 13, 2012
Posted: Thea

Everyone was playing cards peacefully. Then, with one punch, the room magically erupted into a melee with everyone in the room instantly going from card-playing to fighting. Or so it seemed. Mix: A PARTICULARLY volatile irate green, some VERY randy wanna-get-the-girl chasing dragons, some EXTREMELY competitive riders and some VASTLY poor losers, add to a Wingleader/WingSecond love-hate relationship, a newcome unsuspecting harper, a distracted Weyrwoman, a young, untried goldriding junior and a wherhandler determined to choose his own leanings, stir gently and pour. You get: A wherhandler starting a brawl, a junior ankle-biting a rider, a Weyrwoman decreeing that dragons will not henceforth be allowed to mate, a harper re-thinking the effectiveness of words, a pan-smack to the face of not one, but two males, a tavern-eating dragon and a whole lot of mess.

In the aftermath of the brawl, with riders headed or carted to the infirmary for patching up, Beldar has closed the tavern until further notice and names have been collected for repayment of damages. Feel free to RP helping with the clean-up/repair of broken tables and chairs. For the log:

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