Stargazer's Gala

Xanadu's newest StarCrafting transplant is planning her first ever event on the night of what is supposed to be one of the most spectacular meteor showers in Pernese history. What better timing than immediately following Sahazyth and Orionth's Lucky 13 clutch. Things have been cleared for a small feast prepared by Master Denna and a slew of tasty beverages provided by Benden and Istan resources (that means plenty of red wine and rum!). The Star-themed party is set to fall on a particularly clear evening towards the end of the fortnight when the Geminid shower that passed by Earth not long ago finally makes its way to Pernese skys. The decorations have been ordered and everyone at the Observatory is on board and preparing for the party (mostly hiding things that are breakable, cleaning the viewing lenses, washing the windows and calibrating the enormous telescope).

OOC: That's right everyone.. it's time to party and stargaze! There's plenty of wild events coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a good ol' shooting star gather?! I put my feelers out for a Wednesday night date and it seemed to be a good fit, I know it's less than a week's notice, but I'm gonna shoot for this Wednesday, the 16th, at 7pm PST. Hope you all can make it!

-Posted by Zahleizjah (edited for length by Thea) January 12, 2013

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