Unexpected Departure

There has been a bit of whispering about a recent scene in the Caverns involving the visiting Runner, Avani, and a man who bore the knot of a Minor Holder beholden to Ista Weyr. The girl appeared surprised by the man's visit, but after a fair deal of "My Lord"ing, both parties mounted the waiting brown dragon with the High Reaches' knot. Luckily the girl didn't have much to pack past her messenger pouch and her new firelizard, but she still managed to leave behind the pot of oil she had purchased to care for the fellow.

Those who had previously spoken to the Runner might suspect that she's gone to her eldest sister's marriage near the High Reaches area, but to others, her abrupt departure may come as a surprise indeed.

OOC: Avani-player had some temporary RL chaos, and this is the IC explanation for her absence.

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