Summertime Spawn!

Date: January 11, 2012

It was a beautiful morning in Xanadu — warm and clear, bright blue skies overhead and a breeze coming in from the west. By the time the news spread, like all gossip, the sun was nigh-on searing…but a beautiful day, all the same, for a new arrival! New arrivals aren't all that uncommon in a Weyr, but today's was to Wingleader R'owan and his Weyrmate, Ontali. Few dragons could make as much combined noise as did Nyunath and Cidheoth — between Cidheoth's loud trumpets of encouragement sometime before the sane were awake and Nyunath's prideful bugles, few could miss them!

If one believes the grapevine (or, better, passing healers or proud papa), mother and new baby are doing just fine. The little girl was a healthy eight pounds, even, with the usual number of fingers, toes, eyes, and noses. And a name for this little one? Well, while if you listen to the smirking auburn-haired kilt-wearing drunkard in the 'caverns, Rigatoni — but really, what are the odds? Dragons are horrible gossips, and if asked, Cidheoth'll set you straight — « Riawni! »

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