Care and Feeding of Firelizards

One night in the tavern finds a pair of cooks and a dragonhealer sharing a table.

Cook1: There have been far too many firelizards begging lately! Always getting underfoot.
Cook2: I blame the owners. Sharding kids, not feeding the ones that look to them. There's one I've seen, practically looks like a skeleton!
Cook1: It's a shame, it is.
Dragonhealer: Not taking care of their firelizards, you say?
Cook1&2: *vigorous nodding*
Dragonhealer: Maybe they just don't know how. Well, we can fix /that/!
Cook1&2: How?
Dragonhealer: By teaching a class!

Thus a plan was formed. After being shuffled around from schedule to schedule as everyone agreed it was a good idea but found themselves far too busy to actually do it, the job of teaching this firelizard class finally stuck to a grade one dragonhealer named Soriana. Signs were posted with a time and place - the Harpers' practice hall, after normal classes are done for the day.

(OOC: Come join us on Friday January 11th at 4pm PST/7pm EST, in the Harpers' Workshop off the Craft Complex (#3200). There will be a class! There may also be chaos. Once you get that many firelizards in one place… who knows?)

-Posted by Soriana on December 9, 2013

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