Unusual New Residents

Several beastcraft riders have been going in and out of Delynni's weyr, out behind the stable paddock. And then, early one morning, an elderly beastcraft brownrider named B'ayl was seen by the stables with Delynni, his Morganth and Delynni's Ryukith going in and out on several trips.

When the sun was fully risen six new runnerbeasts, four of them very young, had joined the others in the paddock. On the stable's list of resident runnerbeasts six racers are named as having belonged to Delynni, blue Ryukith's. Stallions Flyin' Blind and Fightin' Flight may be familiar to those who met Delynni during her former brief stay at Xanadu as a candidate. But young stallions Canis Major, Pride of Place and Dawn's Early Might, as well as mare Argent Nighting Gale are new to the Weyr of Paradise's fair pastures.

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