Two Golds Take to the Sands?

Sahazyth rose as the seasons changed from spring to summer and was caught by J'yn's Orionth. Over the last couple months the golden princess has been growing ever more egg heavy. Many have noted that her rider, Briana, looks to be rather 'egg heavy' herself, no longer able to hide the growing bump of her own pregnancy. Many blaming a certain Minecrafter, Derin, for her condition, though others trying to work out whether it is possible for J'yn to be responsible!

The bronzerider has hardly been seen around the weyr since the flight until recently. Perhaps another hint that the Gold Sahazyth is nearing clutching time. Already the betting is starting on when Sahazyth will clutch and how many….and who the baby will look like! Let the fun begin!

OOC The clutching will take place on January 12th from 8pm EST. This will signal the beginning of IC Search. To get there +go XAW, HA OL or @tel me=#8686.

-Posted by Briana on January 8, 2013

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