The Xanadu Newes - Edition One

A sheet of paper was found posted on the door of the tavern one morning, though nobody seems able to say who posted it. The 'newes' as it has been titled seems to have been written carefully to mask the identity of the author (all upper case letters, the bottoms of which are oddly flat as if written against a straight edge).

OOC-Disclaimer - Some, none, or all of this may be entirely fictional.

The Xanadu Newes


  • Tensions have been high around the weyr recently, though not all of that can be attributed to the weyrsecond's new family or Thea's proddiness a mere two months after the birth of the children. He could certainly be forgiven for being grouchy before the flight, and the result will not have helped matters. Will she be pregnant again so soon?
  • Aludra's status as weyr ice queen may well be in jeopardy despite her being locked away for the duration of Seryth's flight. Only a sevenday ago she was spotted with K'ael in the gardens and it was not a brotherly kiss that he bestowed on her.
  • Another seemingly upset by the flight was Moria. Just what could have her so ill at ease since that night? Speculation is rife as to what, or even who, is the cause of her uncharacteristic fluster.
  • A brownrider by the name of R'shan seems to have been the cause of a brawl outside the wandering wherry tavern. A drunken comment to one of the laundresses came out more as insult than compliment, and the fight would likely have been far worse if he hadn't thrown up on his attacker.
  • Word spread earlier that there were snacks in the baths. Initially it seemed a good thing until the message was amended to say snakes, then panic set in. The offending creatures were soon evicted.
  • A small amount of marks were found in on the beach and have been handed to the headwoman for safekeeping. Anyone wishing to claim them should speak to her.
  • Tryanne has passed away and the Weyrwoman has taken charge of her belongings. Anyone with a claim to any of the items that were in her possession should apply to the Weyrwoman to have them returned.
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