Dusting Things Off

On a hot, humid sumer's afternoon, Journeyman Jethaniel walked down the administration hallway. He was carrying a rolled sheet of paper.

Some time later, Weyrleader A'dmar came out. He might have been angry, but then again, that might just be how he always looks.

Briefly thereafter, Jethaniel walked back out with a new knot. It was definitely ornate, and it was also quite dusty. After a few heads got put together, people managed to figure out it was the knot of a Steward.

Xanadu hasn't had a Steward in turns and turns. Apparently, it does now.

Steward Jethaniel went back to the techcraft. The apprentices there report that he rescheduled his class and disappeared into his quarters for the rest of the night.

-Posted by Jethaniel January 3, 2013

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