Fiesta or Siesta?

It was just sunset in late spring, the skies a festive scarlet hue when Xanadu's youngest queen took to the skies in her usual cheerful manner. Chasing her, among several bronzes and browns were former Xanadu weyrleader D'son's Inimeth, M'gaal's Zaqalekhth, visiting from Ierne and N'kor's Nasrinth, visiting from Ista. Seryth did her best to outfly the males, having too much fun for the party to end. At last it was her own playful nature that ended the game when she turned back inside a cloud and nearly collided with bronze Zaqalekhth, who used the moment to make good his capture.

Arriving at the feeding grounds on the arm of some bronzerider, Seryth's rider, uncharacteristically relaxed and breezy, wound up in the arms of M'gaal, a man she'd met only once before. Postflights are never easy for the junior for several reasons and now with Zaqalekhth being the father of Seryth to-be clutch, his rider will be around Xanadu more often. This might make things somewhat awkward for someone. But who? Stay tuned.

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