Avaeth's Flight Record

[Clutches] [Inspiration]

Date Chasers Winner Clutch Type
Apr 25 2009 Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Borzith (NPC- D'son)
Leith (NPC - R'sul)
Golath (NPC - Enkavir)
Dhonzayth PC
Sept 2 2008 Azaeth (K'ael)
Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Limerith (V'gay)
Omasuth (Aoriya)
Tsaioth (NPC - Ysa)
Dhonzayth NPC
May 31 2008 Arinith (R'miel)
Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Arinith NPC
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