Asteroid Wing

As a member of Asteroid Wing you are first and foremost a member of Xanadu Weyr and secondly posted by your crafthall. You are answerable to your crafthall in regards to your craft and also subject to Weyr leadership. Your tasks are assigned by your journeymen and Masters who collaborate between Weyr leadership and the crafthalls for specific projects. Xanadu Weyr pays for materials, the crafthall pays Apprentice and Senior Apprentice allowances. Posted Journeymen and higher are salaried by the Weyr.


  • Sweeps - Your dragon still needs exercise! You likely won't be doing anything that's expected to be exciting, but you never know. Familiarization of coverage area is key since you will be the ones practicing your craft in those areas.
  • Craft Training - Remember, much of your time will be taken up by the needs of your dragon. Expect to advance more slowly in your craft; there will probably always be new things for you to learn. Youmay occasionally do a Hall rotation for advanced training, so expect to be away from the Weyr periodically for extended amounts of time (think of it like a semester)
  • Craft duties - Varies by craft. You may find you don't get to work on the projects you'd prefer because they're given to those with fewer other responsibilities (i.e. those without a dragon)


  • Mines - Routinesly patrol the mines (primarily the active tunnels but occasionally the less-used ones) or in dark inaccessible areas and terrain to test for air quality and rockfalls, rotted timers or gas pockets. Report to the Journeymen so air circulation may be adjusted or repairs made.
  • Search and Rescue - Assist digging in the case of people trapped by fallen debris where a dragon cannot go.
  • Search and Recovery - Assist in recovery of bodies
  • Night Watch - Ensure the safety of the Weyr by patroling with their whers (dusk to dawn)


  • Craft duties - these vary by craft. As a crafter posted at Xanadu Weyr, your primary focus will be on things the Weyr itself can use. While there is a certain amount of manufacture of finished goods for export, the Weyr is not a crafthall, and does not generally maintain the expertise of one.

Specialization - Techcrafters

Techcrafters have specific and sometimes different duties at Xanadu than they might elsewhere. These include:

  • House calls - both of cottages and weyrs at Xanadu, and to others in the area. That mine in the mountains may be able to afford electric lights, but not a techcrafter on hand to maintain them. Nebula Wing's riders can make visits for tech support.
  • Technological planning - while Xanadu is not a center for innovation, it is a testing ground for applying innovation to daily life on Pern. Therefore, Nebula wingriders work to get new technologies applied, both at the Weyr and to the areas surrounding it, and see how they're regarded. This generally starts with reading through dry technical documents, continues with talking to people, then doing installations… and then hearing people complain that the old ways were better. ;)
  • Training - individual Nebula riders will likely have specialties, and they will continue to train in those, either from crafters posted at Xanadu and more experienced riders, or by visiting Landing for the Tech or Computer Halls

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