Alhenaeth's Flight Record

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Date Hostess Chasers Winner Clutch Type
Jul 17 2008 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian)
Arinith (R'miel)
Hesketh (R'sul)
Hesketh NPC
Jun 24 2008 Anstarath(Angel) Alhenaeth (C'ian)
Dhonzayth (L'ton)
Alhenaeth N/A
Oct 24 2007 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian)
Hesketh (R'sul )
Hesketh NPC
Mar 4 2007 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth NPC
Oct 22 2006 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth PC
Jan 8 2006 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth NPC
Jun 2 2005 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth PC
Jan 29 2005 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth NPC
Jul 13 2004 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth NPC
Mar 1 2004 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian)
Brookeroputh (NPC)
Hotohorith (T'ea)
Pferienseth (NPC)
Alhenaeth PC
Nov 3 2003 Kilaueth (Niva) Alhenaeth (C'ian)
Diefeth (L'har)
Freiheith (T'ai)
Gyaarth (NPC)
Qyzyth (Q'yn)
Xalmyrilth (Z'ac)
Alhenaeth NPC
Jun 22 2003 Zaislinth (Jezzara) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth PC
Apr 22 2003 Zaislinth (Jezzara) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth NPC
Jan 7 2003 Frydath (Qyh) Alhenaeth (C'ian) Alhenaeth NPC
Dec 27 2002 Torikath (Susia) Alhenaeth (C'ian)
Bronze Seiryuth (C'andi)
Seiryuth N/A
Mar 17 2002 Frydath (Qyh) Aedhyth (L'sta)
Alhenaeth (C'ian)
Aedhyth NPC
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