Wanted and Adoptable Character Concepts

There are three types of 'positions' for Weyrfolk within Xanadu Weyr.

A. Headwoman and Steward. If one or both are vacant, contact the Weyrleaders about applying.

B. Assistant Headwoman/Steward, Guard Captain, Head Cook, Head Woodsman. These people are the ones who work most closely with the Headwoman and Steward. If you are interested, please contact the Headwoman/Steward if they are PC or the Weyrleaders.

C. Nanny, Laundress, Cook, Carpenter, Gardener, Woodsman, Drudge, Bartender/Barmaid, Trader, Guard, Handyman, Seamstress, Fosterer, etc. This consists of all the other positions in the Weyr and the list just given is most assuredly not comprehensive. To have one of those positions, either choose it in Chargen or ask one of the OOC Admin to set your position on the knot.

Currently Wanted

Job Title Date Posted Job Description
Steward or Assistant Stewards 11-11-2014 Works closely with the weyrwomen and weyrleader to see to the weyr's needs, including but not limited to ordering, maintaining, and attributing food and supplies. May also see to upkeep and assigning of weyrs, as well as financial needs of the weyr.
Headwoman or Assistant Headwomen 5-9-15 Works closely with headwoman and weyrwomen to hire, maintain, and allocate the weyr's staff. With headwoman, will be responsible for greeting new weyrfolk and crafters, assigning them to rooms and duties, as well as setting new staff set up with appropriate training for new job positions.
Healers (All Ranks) 5-9-15 From minor injuries to major maladies, Xanadu is not exempt from the need for healers. We are always seeking healers of all ranks to tend to anything from the flu to a sprained ankle to trauma suffered in the line of duty. See craft hall +help for detailed information.
Dragonhealers (All Ranks) 5-9-15 Xanadu plays host to the Dragonhealer's Annex, which gives Dragonhealers easy access and monitoring of the complete fertility cycle of a dragon. The Annex also studies fertility issues in other queens, particularly those who have suffered from reduced or non-existent numbers of viable eggs. See craft hall +help for detailed information.
Starcrafters (All Ranks) 5-9-15 Xanadu has its own Observatory, perched high upon its hills for 360° of uninterrupted sky. Constantly staffed with Starcrafters, it is an excellent place for apprentices to stay for short periods and expand upon their stellar studies. Long-term and permanent positions are open for crafters wishing to stay at the weyr. See craft hall +help for detailed information.
Techcrafters (All Ranks) 5-9-15 Xanadu is a very high-tech weyr. Between the Annex, the Observatory, and the weyr itself, there is no lack of things for a techie to do. See craft hall +help for detailed information.
Dolphincrafters (All Ranks) 5-9-15 Dolphins work to find lost ships, report large schools of fish to fishermen and they can use their sonar to detect tumors in other beings, making them valuable to the Healer Craft. An inland pod has also been established at Xanadu Weyr for patrols within the salty Sea of Azov. See craft hall +help for detailed information.
Woodsmen 5-9-15 The weyr is currently seeking foresters, hunters, and woodcutters to work in the employ of the weyr, as tithing no longer occurrs.
Handymen 5-9-15 Handymen are currently being hired for an upcoming construction project. In the meantime, they are being employed as odds-and-ends workers with maintenance projects for minor issues that do not require crafthall specialization.
Herders 5-9-15 Xanadu's recently reconstructed stables and bovine complex are booming with business. Though those with Beastcraft experience are preferred, it is not a requirement to be or become a herder.
Bartenders / Waitstaff 5-10-15 The Wanderin' Wherry Tavern is seeking new hires to tend bar and wait tables. Previous experience preferred, but not required.
Gardeners 5-10-15 It's hard work, making a garden look natural while it needs such careful upkeep! A few brave souls with an eye for landscaping are needed to tend to the weyr's carefully cultivated foliage and flora under the watchful eye of Head Gardener Lilia (NPC).

As with any group of people, there are a large number of characters that we would like to see join the ranks of the PCs - those with friends, family members or other characters can add their NPCs here for those who are interested in pre-made characters and/or hooks.

Name Position Relation(s) Notes
Rehsa Weyr Resident D'had
Mur'dah _ Marel _ N'shen _
This character is available. Contact D'had on-game about adopting Rehsa.
Tasril Weyr Resident Ontali Nothing major. Contact Ontali to talk about adopting Tasril!
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