A young man in his mid teens, with short dark brown hair that's stuck up randomly and brown eyes. He's got a somewhat triangular face, his chin pointed and almost incongruous in its delicacy compared to his heavy eyebrows and broad nose. He's got a fairly average build - maybe a little on the thin side, but he's still at that age when a boy never can seem to get enough food to satisfy him, so that's not too surprising.


Tolenar is the eldest son of Liessa, a baker from Cove Hold, and Artur, a wandering trader who found his way into her heart. His father never entirely settled down, and the family alternated between traveling with the caravans and staying at Cove Hold with Liessa's parents.

Toley has several younger siblings, and would likely be coming to Xanadu Weyr to stay with his uncle Jethaniel for some reason. Perhaps a difficulty at home, or in the hopes of finding a vocation.

Just talk to Jethaniel on-game if you're interested in playing him (or another relative).


Name Relation Age Location Position Status
Liessa Mother +19T Cove Hold Baker NPC
Artur Father +20T Wandering Trader NPC
Jethaniel Uncle +15T Xanadu Weyr Techcrafter PC
Jessa Grandmother +39T Cove Hold Assistant Headwoman NPC
Lianiel Grandfather +41T Cove Hold Seacrafter NPC


Title OOC Date Cast
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