I'm trying to keep this as vague as possible — trying to balance between too vague for anybody to get an idea and too MUCH, overbearing or something. If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to contact me on-game to discuss him!


Tasril is a short, stout boy of thirteen turns. He's not pudgy, per se, but it's clear that he's not quite as fit as your average hard-working hold lad. Then again, he generally has an air of lazy impishness about him, so that's really not surprising. Befitting of his trade, impetuous as he is about it, he's well-tanned and his hair is slightly sun-bleached into a hayish shade of strawberry blonde. He's got a smattering of freckles, and his eyes are a dark shade of green-brown.


- Son of Ontasan and Rilisari, cotholders of a good-sized cotholding a days' distance from Ressac.
- Four siblings: two sisters, two brothers, he's the youngest. Eldest two are dragonriders, Ontali at Xanadu to blue Cidheoth, and R'ils at Telgar to blue Polauth. Second older sister is 18, married, and a mother of one child already, and second older brother looks to be the heir to the cothold.
- Ril gets along best with Ontali of all of his siblings. Though their parents protested strenuously, he followed Ontali to Xanadu Weyr. He now works there as a (somewhat layabout) errand boy for the fishermen.


Name Relation Location Position
Tasmic Grandfather Cothold Near Ressac Cotholder
Onosi Grandmother Cothold Near Ressac Cotholder
Ontasan Father Cothold Near Ressac Cotholder
Rilisari Mother Cothold Near Ressac Cotholder
Ontali Sister Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
R'ils Brother Telgar Weyr Bluerider
Isaloni Sister Cothold Near Ressac Cotholder
Sanrilo Brother Cothold Near Ressac Cotholder





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