Trying to keep this as vague as possible — attempting to balance between too vague for anybody to get an idea and too much. If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to contact D'had on-game to discuss.


Where her sister is light, Rehsa is dark. Brown-eyed, her hair is the same ebon shade as her father's. Like D'had, she's tall, and similar to her father's lean muscular frame, Rehsa is lithe, athletic and graceful. She may look like her father, but she retains her mother's imperious, no-nonsense personality. Sure enough of herself to take charge when the situation warrants it (and often when it doesn't), this woman is no pushover. When she's right, she's right and she knows it. She takes her responsibilities seriously and is usually quite dependable. This is not to say she's no fun, however. Feisty and flashy, she had a quick, bold tongue that can either get the upper hand in a debate or quip with the best of them.


Born and raised in Ierne Weyrhold - mostly by their mother with visits from their father. Feel free to edit/add to as you wish.


Name Relation Location Position
D'had Father Xanadu Weyr WeyrSecond
Asher Mother Ierne Weyrhold Jr. Weyrwoman
Halimeda Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr
N'shen Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Taozyuth
Darsce Sister Xanadu Weyr Xanadu Headwoman
Evee Half-Sister Ierne Weyrhold
Marel (Marella) Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Rider of Brown Isyriath
Mur'dah (Muireadhach) Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider of Brown Kalsuoth



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