Soft waves of velvety-black curls are tinted with shades of burnished red, framing a slender face and angular deep brown eyes. Her nose is on the petite side, not much more than a button with a little bit of an upturned end. Her skin is toned a dusky brown, not really dark, but not fair either. She's on the slender side, though she is far from frail looking, and though she's a little short, she's really not all that tiny looking.

Soft shades of green cotton are accented by an emerald ribbon that edges the loose muslin shirt. The bodice is square cut and the sleeves are long and billowy, with the cuffs narrowing before billowing out over her hands. Her pants are a soft tan shade of brushed cotton and are close fitting and tucked into little ankle boots. Around her waist is a simple leather belt that hangs loosely to one side and sports a small sheath for a belt knife, as well as a small leather pouch that helps the belt's perpetual lean to one side.


Abandoned at three months of age, Mirai was found in a floating basket in the shallows of Xanadu's lake. Right after a Hatching, her fostermother Keziah (who was also the one who discovered her), took her in, refusing to give Mirai to the nannies of the Weyr. Taking it upon herself to raise Mirai, Keziah brought her up around all sorts of animals. When Mirai was three Turns, Keziah was Searched again, and Mirai was gladly taken in by her foster-grandparents for the duration of the time Keziah was a candidate. However, when her fostermum Impressed, Mirai continued on with her lovely foster-grandparents until the day Keziah came to take her back to the Weyr. As she grew older, Mira grew more and more inquisitive, and more and more in love with animals. Raised in the Weyr around all sorts of animals, not to mention dragons, the girl has found herself with a small collection of misfits that, more likely than not, are strays and abused critters. Canines, felines, runners and possibly an avian. At least she keeps them in the stables….

She likes to call herself the 'Finder of Lost and Broken Animals', simply because she picks up so many, helps them out, then tries to find homes for them again… some simply stay lost and she never gets rid of them…


Keziah Foster Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider of Green Alosynth
Cassia Cousin Lost Hold Cousin


Dancing Dreams Runner Lobo Dun Race Mare, marked with Partial Coronet feet, Star Strip & Snip face, and Mixed horn(hooves).
Lilan Avian Lilan is a blue and red avian with one wing and a rather foul mouth, or… beak.
Rico Canine Rico is a small black, brown and white canine, with short little legs and adoring blue eyes.
Berrit Canine Berrit is a large canine, with three legs and dark brown fur that fades into black at his feet, ears and tail.
Tek Feline Tek is a white short hair feline with patches of fur missing and looks angry all the time.
Shadow Feline Shadow is a dark chocolate feline who is missing an eye and his yowl sounds rather eerily like, "Aaaaargh."
Amos Feline Amos is a grey kitten with brown tabby stripes, he has large green eyes and the longest tail you could imagine on a feline.


Swift {Blue}

Baby blue slips down this little man, understated in the most elegant way. His head is delicate and sports gentle, whirling sapphire gems for eyes, and tiny headknobs settle on the back of his skull. A delicate, flowing neck elegantly attaches head to torso with a timid completeness. Baby bumps of ridges slip from head over neck to his back, then over said back to slip down his tail. His torso and chest are slender and boyish, but never awkward. Legs are slim but strong and his wings spread wide, embrace the world, wrapped in the same baby blue velvet. His hind end is slim and his tail is long and slim, ending in the most perfect angel white tail spade.

Shinnie {Bronze}

A regal head graces this rather large bronze firelizard. Liquid caramel tinted with shades of cinnamon pours down his back and out across his wingsails like a mighty expansive cape. His head is crowned with bronze so black that it almost glistens while his head knobs shine with a golden tint. His chest his broad and colored a deep bronze shade looking more like armor than the soft hide that it is. A jagged streak of crimson flows down his side and seems almost like a battle wound than and odd tint of coloring. His long tail is thick and sinewy and is cast with a golden tint.



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